Central Peru


Property Description: Two (2) Exploration concession applications

  • Politunche & Politunche 2: 600 hectares controlled by one private individual

Project Location: Central cordillera of Perú

  • ~145km from Lima on paved & good gravel roads & unimproved track.
  • ~15km straight line distance SW from Alta Victoria. (AV in sight from property)

General Geology, Mineral System & Potential:

  • Miocene volcanic hosted epithermal, central-proximal facies dome-flow complex with andesitic- basaltic flows & dikes capping and/or intruding stratified volcaniclastic & pyroclastic fragmental sequence
  • Large volume of pervasive quartz-sericite-pyrite + argillic alteration
  • Multi-episodic, Intermediate Sulfidation veins & breccias w/ high grade Ag, sph-gal +/- Au, stibnite, aspy, barite(?) and sulfosalts
  • Exploration upside: high grade structures, broad zones of bulk mineable mineralization & intrusive related mineralization at depth

Historic Work:

  • Modern day exploration drilling in Q4-2011, surface mapping/sampling & approximately 2000m in 11 ddh´s
  • Minor underground and open cut mining activities in the last 40 years(?)

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Community, Environment & Permitting


  • Community of “Cullhuay”
  • Highlander has a working relationship with “Cullhuay” from past exploration activity at Alta Victoria. This community provided most of the local labor support during AV geophysical & geochemical sampling programs in 2017
  • The Culluay community is not considered “indigenous” therefore no “consulta previa” required
  • The company is in proactive discussions all relevant stakeholders


  • High alpine geography (4,700m to 4,900m elevation)
  • Initial baseline environmental studies will follow completion of drill target definition

Drill Permitting

  • Following grant of title and preliminary environmental evaluation, the company will seek an FTA drill permit which will allow up to 20 drill pads
  • FTA permits take 3-4 months to obtain vs 8-12 months or more for DIA permits (40 drill pads)

Southern sector looking West

Northern sector looking North

Regional Geology (1:100,000) & Rock Sample Locations


Fluvioglacial Deposits



Volc. Pacococha: (Mio-Pliocene) Gray to dark gray, andesite-basalt with intercalated breccia flows & thin whitish tuff layers.

Volc. Calipuy: (Upper Eocene – Miocene) consisting mainly of purple andesitic lavas, thick pyroclasts, finely stratified tuffs, basalts, rhyolites and dacites, all of which show fairly rapid lateral variations, Its thickness is variable, with lavas predominating in some places and pyroclasts in others.

Volc. Colqui: (Eocene – Oligocene) Thick sequence of massive gray to porphyritic andesites with intercalations of fine greenish-gray tuffs.

Rock Sample Locations with Astor Alteration Mapping

Highlander Rock Sampling with >1 g/t Au in Undrilled Target Area

High Grade Mineral Occurrences & Sample Locations

Historic Mining Activity

Drilling & Surface Sampling Previous Workers 2011

(Historic, Noncompliant to NI 43-101)


  • Minera CAPPEX (Highlanders Peruvian subsidiary) has successfully negotiated & signed an Option to Purchase Agreement to purchase 100% of the project over a 4 year period
  • Local community is known to be amenable to exploration
  • Likely approval for an FTA drill permit. FTA allows for up to 20 drill pads generally taking 3-4 months to obtain.
  • Previous exploration ending in 2011 included surface sampling, mapping and diamond drilling. Seven of 11 drill holes reported economically significant mineralised intercepts.
  • High grade (Intermediate Sulfidation) veins and structures crop out and most commonly strike NE.
  • Highlander´s limited sampling to date has returned exceptional Ag grades with strong Pb-Zn + Sb and appreciable Au to > 1 g/t
  • Large area of hydrothermal, argillic & quartz-sericite-pyrite alteration is intimately associated with high level, intermediate sub-volcanic domes & dikes intruding well stratified, fragmental pyroclastic and volcaniclastic rocks
  • Target potential in mineralisation along dome/dike margins and stratigraphic controls, as well as larger structurally prepared stockwork style & more basemetal rich, intrusive related mineralisation at depth
  • Multiple mineralised structural corridors, evident by previous work, untested by previous drilling

Politunche Presentation

Download our Politunche presentation: